The competition in the e-commerce industry is tough nowadays, that is why most companies who are designing IT solutions and offering programming services want to distinguish themselves from the competition hence they have decided to offer their clients a complete solution that integrates software development and implementation with a hosting service and an ongoing support.

This enables clients to focus on their core business offerings, rather than spending a lot of valuable assets & resources in order to design and to maintain technical solutions. In addition to this, clients can now be free from creating and maintaining a hosting infrastructure. From the client viewpoint, it is indeed very advantageous – to have a trusted business partner who takes full charge of innovating technology solutions and building infrastructures.

Here at ServiceCloud, our partners are able to offer their clients an all-inclusive service where we do not only develop applications but also take full responsibility of the technical solutions. This includes the configuration of the service infrastructure which establishes its fundamental part. Making it seamless for our partners and their clients is what we always aim to do.

We make our partners adjust to demands with vitality. ServiceCloud utilizes an open and flexible CSP (cloud service platform). We support the widest selection of operating systems, programming languages, structures, tools, databases and technological devices. Most of the IT professionals and developers nowadays already have technologies they trust and depend on so we adapt to those technologies with the cloud services we offer.

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